SHTOICA is a contemporary take on women's clothing, the brainchild of Mihaela Stoica who decided to establish a cutting-edge label far beyond it's years by making it responsible as well as elegant and truly contemporary.

Following the tradition for design in her family, Mihaela blends her textile engineer vision with the creativity developped during her art studies, to offer women surprising quality clothing and the freedom to express themselves. SHTOICA is about communicating a sense of self awareness, confidence and balance.
"My aim is to give women the opportunity to convey their individuality and femininity, providing them with nothing short of versatility with a tailored feel that they are able to shine in, in a quietly-confident and fearless manner. SHTOICA follows rather spiritual trends and it's artistic research is oriented in bringing out the natural luxury that already exists inside of us. There is also a minimalistic approach, in the sense that we want to eliminate the unnecessary and thus make room for the very best and refined. We encourage our clients to a permanent introspection, realising what is their purest essence and we help them to express visually according to that. One's image needs to integrate into this context, for an authentic message." Mihaela Stoica- fashion designer.

In august 2013, in London, SHTOICA has won the Sponsor Me Awards competition for responsible brands.

All products are made in France, in a fair-trade environment.